Below you may find a list of frequently asked questions on DrinC software. You may also check the tutorial videos available at DrinC YouTube channel.

Q: Can I use DrinC software for free?

A: Yes. You may use DrinC software for research, academic, operational or other purposes, without restrictions. You are encouraged to mention the use of the software referring to this article in publications or projects, however this is not obligatory.

Q: When I try to install/run the software, an error message appears.

A: Error messages during the installation (e.g. “Error 5”) or during the first run of DrinC (e.g. “A file / system component … is missing”) are usually related to the permissions you have as the user of the system. The problem will be most probably solved if you run again the installation as administrator (right click on DrinC_setup file and select “Run as administrator”).

Q: Is there any user manual for the software?

A: The software components and their functionality are described in the help topics (available under the ‘Help’ menu of the software or the ‘Help’ buttons in each window), including links to articles (also available for download from ‘References’ under the ‘Help’ menu) covering theoretical and practical aspects related to each component. An overview of the software is availalbe in this article.

Q: I cannot load correctly the input data, is there any file format example?

A: There are specific formats that can be recognised by DrinC. Templates with the input file formats are available here. The same formats apply to all types of input data (precipitation, PET, temperature and streamflow). Further information can be found in ‘Data management’ section in the ‘Help’ topics of the software.


If you have not found an answer to your question, you may contact us.