File templates

The following examples can be used as file templates for preparing DrinC input data. The same data format applies to all types of input data (precipitation, potential evapotranspiration, streamflow and temperature).

– Monthly data (matrix): [.xls] [.xlsx] [.csv] [.txt]

– Monthly data (column): [.xls] [.xlsx] [.csv] [.txt]

– Annual/seasonal data (one point)(column): [.xls] [.xlsx] [.csv] [.txt]

– Annual/seasonal data (multi-point)(rows): [.xls] [.xlsx]

In these examples, .csv are comma delimited files (delimeter: semicolon [;]) and .txt are tab delimited files. Other delimiters can be also used; the delimiter characters are defined in ‘Preferences’ window of DrinC.

Download all the above templates in one file (.zip).