DrinC (Drought Indices Calculator) software aims at providing a user-friendly interface for calculating drought indices, suitable for meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought analysis. The following drought indices are currently included in DrinC:
– Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI)
– Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI)
– Streamflow Drought Index (SDI)
– Agricultural Standardised Precipitation Index (aSPI)
– Effective Reconnaissance Drought Index (eRDI)
– Precipitation Deciles (PD)

The above indices have relatively small data requirements, while their outcomes can be easily interpreted and used in strategic planning and operational applications.

The calculation process is performed through a graphical user interface and the available options can be adjusted for fitting drought analysis objectives of any particular case. Furthermore, DrinC includes additional tools, such as the estimation of potential evapotranspiration (PET) through temperature-based methods and the assessment of the aridity index.

Additional information on the software can be found in this article, while for the theoretical base you may refer to the relevant articles.